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Security check // EU Regulation 2015/1998

Your package must be opened professionally for the security check?

We handle the necessary opening at the control point for you.

Sicherheitskontrolle Vorort

The opened package is searched by the security staff.

After the package has been opened to the security staff will search the package. It may also need additional work such as opening more slicing the corrosion protective foil.

Sicherheitskontrolle Vorort

The corrosion protective foil must welded again by the use of machinery.

The corrosion protective foil is again welded airtight after "sniffing".

Sicherheitskontrolle Vorort

After security check, we close the package again.

After the package has been declared by the security staff as "SECURED", we close the package again.

Sicherheitskontrolle Vorort