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Insulated packaging (Thermoboxes)

The packaging of temperature sensitive goods is a special challenge.
In air transport the transportation of frozen goods are relatively limited and depends on several factors.
For shipment of temperature-sensitive goods, we would like this to offer an efficient, flexible and cost-effective alternative.
This offer includes:
• Frozen food (deep-frozen goods)
• Frozen goods (temperature range of + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C)

Depending on the volumes to be transported, we offer thermo packaging in the following dimensions:


After delivery, the packaging can be safely disposed of by the recipient or may continue to be used; a return is not necessary.
For cooling during transportation passive cooling units are used, the period for transport is limited to 72 hours.
This period refers to the ambient temperature of 22 ° C. Intermediate storage of the goods in appropriate refrigerated rooms prolongs the action of the coolant.
The cooling period may be extended, for example, the coolant is renewed at any transit station or the dry ice is refilled.
External influences or higher temperatures can greatly reduce the specified period, therefore appropriate treatment of of the goods is essential.


Other packaging

Industrial packaging
Packaging for dangerous goods

Security check

Does your shipment not comply the EU regulation, a safety check of the packages must be carried out. If the Security check is not possible with a X-ray machine, the packages must be opened and searched. We carry the "opening" for security staff

Our goal

The activity of our company is mainly in preparation of dangerous goods for transport by air. (Packaging, marking, identifying, Declare) Of course, we also pack non-dangerous goods. All our services give you and your customers more security in transit and so we can contribute to your success and customer satisfaction.